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When you are injured at work it can have devastating effects on you and your family.  Many injured workers miss time from work and have expensive medical bills that need to be paid.  Often the Workers’ Compensation insurance company will delay paying your lost wages and medical bills, placing an unnecessary financial hardship on you.  It is important to have an experienced Virginia Workers’ Compensation lawyer on your side.

To receive Workers’ Compensation benefits your injury needs to have happened at work, or occur during a work-related function, it must be caused by a specific incident, or suddenly and at a specific time.

benefits do not cover claims for repetitive motion or repetitive trauma, with the exception of carpal tunnel syndrome.  It does not matter if you were at fault for the accident, as long as you did not willfully injure yourself or violate a safety rule.

Workers’ Compensation benefits provide payment for all medical treatment, payment for time missed from work, payment for permanent loss of use or amputation of body parts, reimbursement for mileage and other expenses, and other benefits.  Virginia Workers’ Compensation benefits are meant to allow you to have income while you are unable to work, and medical care in an effort to allow you to return to your job.

A Richmond workers’ compensation attorney can aggressively promote your interests and protect your rights while you focus on your recovery and returning to work.


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